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Ready to sell?

If you are ready to buy your next boat, need quick cash, or just want to get out of boating altogether, wholesaling your boat to us is the perfect option.

We buy boats at top dollar, provide easy paper work, and offer a swift close.

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Why Wholesale?

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Cost & Depreciation

Every month that you own your boat you are incurring many different expenses. You have to pay slip/storage fees, insurance, maintence, detailing, and have to be ready to repair any unexpected items that could break. Add in yearly depreciation and by the time the “right” buyer comes along you most likely will have spent more money than if you decided to wholesale your boat now. 

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Time is Money

Selling your boat on your own may appear easy, but usually is a long, difficult process. Most listings take 30 leads before the right buyer comes along, meaning countless conversations, distractions from your work, and a lot of wasted time. Then when someone is ready to buy the boat navigating all of the legal work is very difficult, and the prospective buyer could still back out at the last minute.

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Missing The Perfect Boat

You’ve found the perfect next boat and all you need to do is sell your current boat. More often than not, while your waiting for your current boat to sell, that perfect boat is going to sell and who knows when another one will become available, leaving you stuck with a boat you are trying to get rid of.  Wholesaling your boat fast gives you the best chance of buying your perfect next boat.

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Ready To Sell? We Buy Boats! Just Fill Out Our Form Below

Wholesaling is a quick and easy way to get cash for your boat. Our phones are always on and we look forward to doing a great job for you.

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