100' (30.48m)

Varsovie - 2008 100' NAUTOR'S SWAN
Cruising Med Spain
€3,950,000 EUR

Yacht for sale is a 2008 NAUTOR'S SWAN 100' "Varsovie" Cruising Sailboat in Cruising Med, Spain. VARSOVIE benefits from the know-how of all her earlier sisters, being the last of the 100 Series.
Modified deck salon, more light inside, more ease of handling and more redundancy.
A perfect two owner boat with two equal size master cabins, two further guest cabins plus 4 crew in two  cabins.

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LENGTH 30.48m
BUILT 2008
BEAM 7.09m
LOCATION Cruising Med, Spain
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Main Characteristics


BUILDER: Nautor Swan

MODEL: Swan 100-204

BUILT: 2008

LENGTH (M/FT): 30.48M/100’00”

BEAM (M/FT): 7.1M/23’3”

DRAFT (M/FT): 4.1M/13’5”


FLAG: Cayman Islands

DESIGNER: German Frers

ENGINE: Cummins QSB5.9 305hp

GENERATORS (2) Northern Lights 26 kW

SPEED: 12 knots

FUEL (4 tanks) 3,160 litres

WATER (2 tanks) 1,520 litres

HYDRAULICS Bosch-Rexroth Custom

BOW THRUSTER Hundested FTR2, 30 kW

ACCOMMODATION: 8 Guests in 4 cabins & 4 Crew in 2 cabins


Main Salon

The main salon on Varsovie differs from other Swan 100s by offering a large, forward facing navigation station near the main hatch. The main salon dining table is to starboard with a 42” pop-up TV aft. To port is a “L” shaped couch with a coffee table. The teak interior is finished with satin varnish as are the oak floors. Electric blinds provide privacy on the side windows and all of the overhead lights are dimmable.

Aft Stateroom

The aft stateroom has a large centerline bed. There is a hull window to port with both night shade and wooden louvers. A large hanging locker with a safe is forward to port. On the forward bulkhead is a LCD TV hooked into a Bose Lifestyle sound system. The bathroom with shower is to starboard.

Aft Port Stateroom

The aft port stateroom has a same floor area to the aft stateroom and features a bed, couch, hull window, TV, and bathroom of similar characteristics.

Aft Starboard Guest Stateroom

This stateroom can be set up with (2) twin beds or with a single large bed. There is a dedicated Bose sound system and LCD TV. The attached bathroom has a door to the main corridor providing a suitable day-head for guests.

Port Forward Guest Stateroom

This stateroom is located just forward of the main salon and has full bathroom with shower, B&G GFD, Bose sound system and TV.


Miele (4) burner gas stove plus (2) burner electric hob KM 400 & KM417

Miele oven H3140B

Miele Microwave M625-1EB

Quooker instant hot water

Miele dishwasher

Miele washing machine M2659

Miele clothes dryer T4659C

Refrigerators (2) Frigonautic custom built

Freezers (2) Frigonautic custom built


The addition of a proper navigation station on Varsovie was a non-negotiable in the design phase. Redundancy and backups were key elements in designing the navigational system. There are two completely independent chart plotting systems – one operating on the Furuno NavNet system and the other on a pair of identical PCs. There are dual monitors at the nav station plus monitors at each helm making it possible to display any combination of chart and/or radar at any station.

Chart Plotting Radar

MaxSea Charting system. Charts can be viewed at nav station or at either steering pod

Furuno (C-Map) 1834C-BB charting/radar system at nav station and at both steering pods. There is also a 4th, spare 1834C-BB mounted in the nav station.

Independent radar controls at nav station and both steering pods.

AIS, Furuno FA-150, information available on MaxSea, NavNet II, and dedicated Furuno AIS

GPS, Furuno GP-37 WAAS/GPS

Sperry Navigat Mk I gyro compass


Fleet 1 Inmarsat satellite phone at nav station (new 2019)

Yachtspot wifi locator with powered antenna on spreader. Wireless wifi capabilities throughout yacht

VHF Simrad RS-87H with a handset at nav station and a handset at the starboard helm

SSB Furuno 1570 with tuner and insulated backstay

Active antenna at mast head for VHF, TV, and FM radio


B&G H3000 ACP2 autopilot processor with displays at both pedestals and at nav station. There is also a remote auto pilot control that plugs into cockpit. A full backup B&G H3000 ACP2 processor is installed with main processor. The autopilot is driven by a dedicated Rexroth power pack, but can be switched to yacht’s main hydraulic system in emergency.

AT GFD autopilot control at each steering pod and at nav station (new 2019)

B&G remote auto pilot control

B&G H3000 gyro compass as backup


Navicomp Infinity II 15” LED monitor switchable inputs from Furuno radar or MaxSea on PC External mouse pad and Furuno radar controls AT FFD display AT Autopilot display Bow thruster control PTO controls Engine control and gauges Generator controls and charge indicating lights Stereo speaker mute button Alarm mute button Remote VHF Simrad with external speaker Push buttons for 20/20 displays


Navicomp Infinity II 15” LED monitor with switchable inputs from Furuno radar or MaxSea on PC

External mouse pad and Furuno radar controls

AT GFD display

AT Autopilot display

Hydraulic controls for:

Jib furl in/out

Main halyard hi and low speed

Inner forestay

Code 0

Mainsail Cunningham

Mainsail Outhaul



All mast, boom, and navigational light switches



B&G Hercules 3000

(14) GFDs located at:

(2) each steering pod

(2) forward end of cockpit

(1) each owner cabin aft, VIP cabin aft, fwd, guest cabin

(3) nav station

(1) crew quarters

(1) anchor locker

(6) 20/20s at aft end of cockpit

Additional expansion processor for:

Hydraulic tension sensors including backstay, vang, outhaul, Cunningham, inner forestay

Anchor chain counter

Barometric pressure

Sea and air temperature


Main Engine Cummins QSB5.9 305 hp fuel range approx. 2,000 miles at 1500 rpm

Gear box Marine Gear ZF280-1

Propeller Brunton Varifold 4-blade folding propeller

Bow Thruster Hundested FT2R 30 kW


Main Engine Cummins QSB5.9 305 hp fuel range approx. 2,000 miles at 1500 rpm

Gear box Marine Gear ZF280-1

Propeller Brunton Varifold 4-blade folding propeller

Bow Thruster Hundested FT2R 30 kW


The core of Varsovie’s electrical system is (2) Northern Lights 26 kW generators and (2) 1000 ah banks of gel cell batteries. The yacht can sail on batteries alone for a solid 8 hours between charges. At dock, the vessel can take in any power available, from 180 – 520 volts, 47 – 64 Hz, and single or 3 phase. A single generator can meet all power requirements aboard, including A/C, washing machine, dryer, hot water heater, compressor, and chargers.


(2) Northern Lights M944 26 Kw generators (new 2019)

(2) 1000 ah battery banks, gel cell, switchable power usages (new 2015)

Vektec VSPII 24 kVA Power converter, 180 – 520 volts, 47 – 64 Hz, single or 3 phase

(4) Mastervolt 100 amp battery chargers, (2) for each battery bank

(2) 140 amp alternators on main engine, (1) for each battery bank

(1) Mastervolt 24/5000 sine wave inverter for:


Stove Hob

Engine room ventilation

220 volt outlets

Fresh water pressure pump

(1) Mastervolt 24/2500 sine wave inverter for entertainment system. Inverters are switchable if necessary


The hydraulic system on Varsovie is a Bosch-Rexroth custom designed ring-type system engineered to supply all hydraulic functions quietly and smoothly, eliminating any inherent hydraulic noise. All sailing functions can be powered by a 24 volt Bosch-Rexroth power pack located in the engine room. For additional power there are PTOs on both generators. A single PTO can supply adequate power to high demand units like the bow thruster and anchor windlass.

Varsovie utilizes a hydraulic “ring system”. In the ring system hydraulic oil circulates the length of the boat through a pair of large diameter stainless pipes. There are 6 valve groups spaced accordingly on the ring for the various functions. Each valve group can be individually shut off from the ring for servicing or in the event of failure of a component.

Hydraulic functions include:

Jib furler

Forward mooring winch Sanguineti

Anchor windlass

Anchor swing arm

Bow thruster


Jib halyard tensioner

Boom vang

Starboard haylard winch

Port haylard winch

Main halyard captive winch

Starboard primary winch

Port primary winch

Starboard secondary winch

Port secondary winch

Main sheet winch

Dinghy tensioner

Backstay tensioner

Auto pilot back up

Swim platform


The fresh water system on Varsovie includes (2) 750 liter stainless water tanks that can be filled from deck fills on either side of yacht, from city water connection at stern, or via HEM water maker.

The black/grey water system includes a 525 liter holding tank and a Hamann water treatment system. Waste from toilets are pumped directly into holding tank. There are (5) transfer tanks that pump grey water from the various sinks and showers to the holding tank.

(2) 750 liter Stainless steel water tanks

HEM Series 25 water maker:

5,000 liter per day, 208 liters per hour

(2) pre-filters, 5 and 25 microns

Sand filter

Charcoal filter

Limestone filter

Hamann Super Mini water treatment system

Tecma electric heads throughout yacht

Condaria PCWM/FCL 22503 reverse cycle air conditioning system:

90,000 BTU rated cooling capacity

112,500 BTU rated heating capacity


KVH M7 satellite TV dome mounted on starboard spreader with LNBs and receivers for SKY TV UK and Direct TV Caribbean

Salon has a pop-up 40” Sony LCD TV and a Bose Lifestyle 48 DVD/CD/FM stereo system

Aft Owner’s Stateroom has a 32” Sony LCD TV and Bose Lifestyle 38 stereo system

VIP Stateroom has a 32” Sony LCD TV and Bose Lifestyle 38 stereo system

Aft Guest Stateroom has a 19” Sony LCD TV and a Bose Lifestyle 3.2.1 stereo system

Fwd Guest Stateroom has a 19” Sony LCD TV and a Bose Lifestyle 3.2.1 stereo system

Cockpit has (4) Bose 32SE speakers hooked up to salon’s stereo system with independent controls


Varsovie has a white painted, carbon fiber mast and boom manufactured by Offshore Spars. The mast is constructed over male tooling using an intermediate modulus, uni-directional, pre-impregnated carbon fiber and autoclave cured at 137ºC at a pressure of 5.8Bar. The standing rigging and fittings are manufactured by Navtec, Inc. The running backstays are Aramid fiber, Kevlar 49. The standing rigging was assembled by Navtec USA, running rigging by Oy Offshore Spars Ab, Finland and Kevlar by Navtec France.

The mast is equipped with a hydraulic mast jack system with removable hydraulic jacking cylinders. This device is used to tension the rigging at dockside. The mast is designed with four sets of spreaders in a swept-aft configuration. The mast is also equipped with Kevlar running backstays and inner forestay.

The rig was removed in the fall of 2013 at STP Shipyard in Palma de Mallorca with 5 year inspection carried out by A+ Rigging. All mast and boom fittings were completely disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and serviced. Rig at mast head, gooseneck, and vang were sonic tested. At this time the Reckmann hydraulic furling unit was sent to Reckmann Germany for a complete servicing. All foils on furler are new 2013. Inner forestay was replaced.


The rig was fully serviced and put in the correct condition again in June 2021.


Rod headstay replaced

Rod backstay replaced, along with backstay legs

D1, D2, D3 and V4 rods replaced

V1, V2 and V3 rod heads sonic tested -- passed

Rig Details

I = 40.0m -------- 131.2 ft

P = 38.1m ---------125.0 ft

E = 12.5m --------- 40.9 ft

J = 10.7m --------- 35.1 ft

Offshore Spars 4 spreader carbon rig

Offshore Spars Park Avenue boom

Navtec solid rod Nitronic 50 rigging

Antennas on mast include:

Furuno 4kW 60cm radar dome scanner

KVH M7 satellite TV dome

KVH Fleet 1 satellite telephone

Furuno AIS GPS antenna

Furuno GP-320 GPS antenna

Wi-Fi antenna AC Marine

AIS VHF antenna

VHF antenna

GSM/GPRS antenna

TV, FM Delta Pacific Antenna

Hydraulic on rig include:

Boom vang

Backstay adjusters



Main Haylard

Inner forestay

Inner forestay stowage

Jib furling

Code 0

Winches include:

(2) Primary Jib Sheets – Lewmar 111ST 3-speed hydraulic winches

(2) Secondary sheet winches -- Lewmar 111ST 4-speed hydraulic winches

Main sheet winch – Lewmar 111ST 4-speed hydraulic winch

Halyard winches – Lewmar 88 3-speed halyard/reef winches

Main halyard is a Lewmar captive winch


North 3Di mainsail – new 2017

North 3Di Dyneema/carbon 107% jib with inflatable battens – new 2018

North Dyneema cruising jib 90% - new 2019

North A3 asymmetrical spinnaker – new 2013

North A4 asymmetrical spinnaker – new 2013


Retractable Stainless anchor arm with Hense hydraulic actuator

Lewmar 5000 vertical windlass

Custom Nautor made flush deck hatches

Stainless steel pop-up mooring cleats

Multiplex carbon electric retractable boarding ladder

Hydraulic controlled swim platform

Bauer dive compressor


Full sun awning extending from mast to backstays

Removable bimini

Covers for winches, steering pods, steering wheels

Crew covers for cushions in main salon


Aquascan 4.3 meter jet drive rib with Yamaha 160hp engine

Honda 10 hp outboard motor


Full MCA Class A medical kit

(2) Avon 8 man life rafts

Novec total flooding of engine room space with remote control

Fire alarm with heat detectors in engine room, aft corridor, main salon, galley, lazarette, sail locker

Fire Kill system in each generator box with automatic flooding

Man overboard module MOM mounted to stern rail

Fire extinguishers in every hanging locker

Deck fire hoses fore and aft


Launched by the Nautor’s Swan’s Pietarsaari shipyard in Finland in 2008, VARSOVIE (Swan 100-204) is a pedigree sailing yacht with an elegant interior and exterior design by revered design house German Frers. Offering excellent sail handling, VARSOVIE was built to be easy to sail. She has taken Owners to the world’s best sailing destinations, with flawless equipment that has kept her in constant use since..."


Owner’s personal items, including clothes, books, foul weather gear, CDs and DVDs are excluded from sale.

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